3 ways to avoid boring chat

3 ways to avoid boring chat

Two young women smiling, drinking tea and juice

Small talk should add value to you or those you’re chatting with, or it can feel like a meaningless, forgettable conversation. Here are our top tips to avoid boring chat

Be curious

Other people are interesting! You may be chatting to someone who knows a lot about something you’re interested in. Find out what makes them tick, ask lots of (open-ended) questions, and stay truly engaged – even if the start feels slow or awkward.

Ask unique questions

Start non-obvious discussions. For example, if someone comments on how warm the weather is, ask whether they liked the long, hot summers as a child? This immediately shifts the conversation up a gear, providing them an opportunity to share more about who they are.

Steer clear of sensitive topics

Some topics can kill a conversation or make for discomfort, especially when you don’t know the other person well. It is best to avoid the following in (early) conversation: religion, politics, money, appearances, age, gender and sexuality.


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