4 ways to make small talk in any situation

4 ways to make small talk in any situation

Ask open-ended questions

Most people enjoy talking about themselves. It’s also easier than discussing a topic you know little about or have no interest in. Open-ended questions provoke interesting, dynamic conversations, encouraging the person you’re speaking with to open up too.


Listen, actively

We can all tune out on occasion, but it’s worth remembering we forge much stronger connections when the other person feels we are engaged and paying attention. When we truly listen, it becomes easier ask relevant questions – and to remember more details to bring up later.

Put your phone away!

When we feel uncomfortable or awkward in social settings, many of us turn to our phones without realising we’re sabotaging our potential for interaction. Few people will approach someone scrolling through a phone, giving out ‘not interested’ or ‘busy’ vibes.

Show enthusiasm

However stressed or nervous you might feel, try to enjoy and view small talk as an opportunity to learn more about other people. You never know what the person you’ve just met might have to share so embrace the chance to discover something new.


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