6 powerful reasons to celebrate your friendships

6 powerful reasons to celebrate your friendships

Today’s blog is a celebration of friendship. Perhaps not an unexpected theme from a team that developed the Friendzr app, but an important one. If we’re lucky, we have friends by our side for most of our life. But what is it that they actually do besides keeping us company? And why do they make us feel better, happier and even healthier? Time to grab a cup of coffee, get comfortable, and delve into the beautiful world of friendship.

Friendships amplify our happiness.

Friends help us feel better about ourselves. Whether passing an exam, getting a promotion or finding a dream house, it feels great to share the joy with a good friend. They reflect our happiness and excitement back on us, thus amplifying their effects. And it works on small things too. A true friend will compliment your outfit and appreciate your precisely delivered punch-line. Their presence in our lives is a constant reminder of the positive and good things that exist, helping us maintain a sense of perspective and positivity.


Friendships help us cope with trauma.

When life gets dark, friendships can be a beacon of light. Sharing the pain with someone who knows you well can provide comfort. Their familiar company allows you to feel your feelings in a safe space and gather strength until you’re ready to move on. And let’s not forget the practical assistance they often provide; running your errands or bringing a home-cooked meal when you can’t take care of it yourself can be just as healing as a tight hug.

Friendships minimise isolation and loneliness.

This is an obvious one, but what needs to be said here is the devastating impact of social isolation and loneliness. Just think back to the years of lockdowns and social distancing (*shudder*) during the Covid-19 pandemic. More and more research highlights isolation and loneliness as bad for physical health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. People who are connected have lower levels of anxiety and depression, and research indicates they may live longer!

Friendships reinforce our sense of belonging.

Sense of belonging is closely tied to our sense of identity, a set of shared beliefs and values. These beliefs and values help us navigate life and make sense of our experiences. Connecting socially with others can be particularly invaluable during significant life changes. Moving to a new town, starting at a university or having a child are major life events that can uproot parts or all of our existing support system. Friendships help us understand that we are part of something larger than ourselves and offer comfort and security.

Friendships are a form of social connection.

And social connection is vital for our physical and mental well-being. The research outcomes are resolute; social connection is essential for our health. We also know that the more diverse our social interactions are, the better we feel about ourselves. A chat with a barista, an exchange of hello’s with your neighbour, catch up with a colleague and even a friendly smile to a fellow regular commuter – they all count. And there’s no need to worry if you don’t have that many opportunities to interact with others; it’s the quality of the interaction that counts.

Finally, diverse friendships promote self-improvement.

Shared values and interests are a common ground for establishing friendships. However, having regular contact with people with different life experiences can be an incredibly enriching experience. When we associate with people from different backgrounds and perspectives, we are exposed to new ideas and experiences. This helps us broaden our horizons and see things from different angles, which can lead to personal growth and development. Additionally, having friends from different cultures and walks of life can challenge our assumptions and beliefs, which can help us to become more accepting and understanding of others. Diverse social interactions can help us see past our differences and promote personal growth.

So how about that? Friendships amplify joy, reduce the effect of negative experiences, improve our sense of belonging, promote self-improvement, all that while keeping us healthier. That’s a pretty powerful effect of a fun bond between two people and something definitely worth celebrating.

Hopefully, this blog helps you see your friendships in a new light. And if you want to connect with more people or meet someone new, the Friendzr app is here for you. Download now for free, and meet people looking for friendships wherever you are.