7 tips for better online conversations

7 tips for better online conversations

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When you connect with someone on Friendzr, knowing how to start a conversation can be tricky. We’re so used to communicating online, but it can be challenging to start a conversation with someone new. And, of course, just like in real life, the first impressions (i.e. your opening line) count.

Today we’re sharing our tips and strategies to help you start chatting with confidence. 

Read their profile carefully

Before starting a conversation, make sure to read their profile thoroughly. This will give you a good idea of their interests and personality, which can help you tailor your mess


age accordingly. Many Friendzrs also share their preferred way to meet and other details in the ‘About Me’ section. Their profile picture, or any other pictures they chose to share, can also give you a lot of clues about the kind of person they might be.

Ask questions

Ask open-ended questions that show your interest in them. For example, if their profile mentions that they enjoy going to exhibitions, you can ask them for recommendations or about their favourite artist. You never know; their response might inspire you to learn something new, or you may even find a buddy to explore the exhibitions with in future. Be sure to check out the Events section of the app if you’re looking for fun things to do locally!

Be genuine

This is a big one. Making friends requires time and effort, so remember to be yourself and avoid using generic opening lines or cheesy compliments. It’s important to come across as authentic and sincere. In personal contact, we can pick up a lot from non-verbal communication, like body language or tone of voice. This aspect is missing online, so a cheeky joke could easily come across wrong.

Find common ground

Look for shared interests or experiences that you can bond over. This can be a great way to establish a connection and build rapport. Friendzr allows users to upload up to 5 different images, so check those out to see if you recognise the places they’ve visited or activities they enjoy doing. Something along the lines: “I see you visited Barcelona; how did you find it? It’s my favourite Spanish city.

Be respectful

Always be respectful and considerate in your conversations. Avoid making assumptions or being too forward. Just like in real life, some topics (politics springs to mind!) are best avoided when you first start talking. 

Take it slow

Don’t rush the conversation or try to force a connection. Take your time getting to know them, and let the conversation flow naturally. Even though Friendzrs get notifications when they have a new message, it’s best to give them up to 24 hours to respond. Many people are stepping back from the constant online availability, so bear that in mind when contacting them. You can always agree on a suitable time to chat properly. 

Be positive

Stay positive and upbeat in your messages. Avoid complaining or being negative, as this can be a major turnoff.


In summary, the key to starting a conversation on Friendzr is to be genuine, respectful, and interested in the other person. Remember to check your messages and connection requests regularly; new people are joining every day.