7 types of friends everyone needs in their life

7 types of friends everyone needs in their life

Have you ever considered your friendship circle and realised how different you all are? That everyone brings something different to the relationship, yet somehow it works?

This difference helps to fill your cup when you need it. You know who to go to when you need to get away and who to call when you need to hear some (often uncomfortable) truths. Perhaps this blog will inspire you to do a little stock check. If it does, be sure only to include people who lift you up. The ones who inspire you to do better, be better and give as much as they receive from you.

  1. The one who is (brutally) honest

Hearing the truth can be challenging. So you need someone who can deliver it with love and total honesty. This friend cares deeply about your well-being, even more so than for your hurt feelings. Deep down, you know they’re right; that’s why you go to them in the first place.

  1. The one for adventures

This is your go-to friend when you want to explore the world, near and far. They know where to eat and what cocktails to try, and their Netflix / Goodreads recommendations are ahead of everyone else. They know how to travel to make the best of the budget and all the must-see places wherever you choose to visit.

  1. The one you admire

This is the friend you look up to. They may be super organised and efficient, or very successful in their career, perhaps extremely good at their chosen hobby. It is good to surround yourself with people who inspire you to do better without making you feel inadequate.

  1. The one who listens

Always there for you when you need to talk. They ask the best questions allowing you to reflect and make sense of your feelings. They offer unconditional and non-judgemental support, and who doesn’t need that? 

  1. The one you work with

People with work friends are happier, more productive and often more creative – it’s a fact. We spend a lot of time at work, so having someone close we can share our career ups and downs (and everything in between) will be important.

  1. The one that is nothing like you

Opposites attract, right? This is a surprising friendship, you likely don’t have much in common, yet you get on like a house on fire. They make you look at the world around you from a new and different perspective, keeping your mind open to new possibilities.

  1. The best friend

The one who knows everything about you and loves you anyway 🙂 


The beauty of friendship is in its diversity. Nurturing this diversity in our friendship circle will lead to a more satisfying and fulfilling social life. Quality relationships hugely benefit our mental and physical well-being, so investing our efforts here will pay off.