About Us

Hello, we’re Friendzr.

Friendzr is a free app that helps you easily find and connect with potential new friends, happenings and events in your neighbourhood.

Our need to connect socially is as essential as our need for food, water and shelter, yet meaningful friendships are not always easy to find in today’s hyper-connected world.

Almost half of UK adults say their busy lives stop them from connecting with others. Feelings of loneliness have greatly increased since the start of the pandemic: we’re on a mission to bring real-life connections back to our communities.

At a time when so many relationships only exist in the virtual world, Friendzr combines the latest technology to help people connect in real life through locality, common interests and shared values.

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One platform, hundreds of opportunities

You can connect and meet 1-to-1, or create events around a hobby or interest for other Friendzrs to join in your area.

The latest map technology highlights Friendzrs and events on your doorstep.

Head to the Feed to see Friendzrs online – those nearest will display first. Use the interests toggle to filter by those Friendzrs whose interests best match with your own profile.

Send connection requests and chat with individuals and event groups.

The Hub allows you to keep track of all your received and sent requests and discover our recommendations for events and Friendzrs you might like to connect with.

Browse nearby events or filter events by category and see the shared interests of those attending.  Hosting an event of your own? Create a public or private event in just a few steps, then invite other Friendzrs to attend.

Access expert tips and guidance on well-being, mental health and relationships.

It’s all in your control

Your safety and the authenticity of our community are important. That’s why we give you full control over what Friendzrs see, using the latest technology to verify and manage profiles.