About Us


Over 40% of people want to make new friends.

There are many reasons such as; moving into a new area, leaving home for the first time, starting a new job in a new location, leaving home for university. You may be tired of working from home, feeling isolated or lonely at times or simply wishing to expand your friendship circle.

It can be difficult to make new friends, Friendzr makes it easy.

Many of us want more than online chats and are not interested in dating and dating  apps, with Friendzr, there are no expectations, it connects like-minded people as new friends.

Friendzr is a free hybrid app combining the latest technology, organising real-life face to face meeting with other people who also just want to make new friends, in your local area.

You can connect, meet 1 to 1 or create friendship events around a hobby or interest in your area.

The app will feature:

  • Seamless secure registration and identity verification
  • Profile with minimum data requirement
  • User search controls e.g., search distance/direction and profile visibility on/off
  • Innovative chat function to make the first friend request and support your new friendships
  • The latest map technology to easily locate other Friendzr’s, make contact and attend events
  • Event and activity creation I.e., based on venues, hobbies and interests helping making friends and connections.

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