Are you looking to make a new friend? Try new hobby.

Are you looking to make a new friend? Try new hobby.

When was the last time you made a new friend? If you think back, do you remember what you bonded over? It’s perhaps not surprising that people with shared interests often form powerful connections with one another. When people come together around a shared interest, they can learn from one another, collaborate on projects, and socialize – as social creatures; this is just what we crave.

Additionally, shared interests serve as a common ground, helping bridge differences and create a sense of community among people who may not have interacted. This can be particularly helpful if you’re new to an area or want to expand your social networks. Overall, having shared interests with others can greatly enrich one’s life and help to build meaningful relationships.

What’s in it for you? (besides the obvious…)

In short – everything. Social connection (and lack of it) directly affects our physical and mental well-being. Studies in social psychology have shown that people with shared interests tend to form stronger connections with one another. This is because shared interests provide a basis for social interaction, and people feel more comfortable and confident in their interactions with others when they have something in common.

Research has also found that shared hobbies and interests can lead to forming social networks, which can benefit individuals’ well-being and mental health. Another study confirmed that people who participated in social activities, such as hobbies and shared interests, reported higher levels of life satisfaction.

Two women working in the garden, smilingSo, where do you start?

You could spend a little time thinking about what you enjoy doing or trying something new that looks fun. If you enjoy learning new things, you could try art workshops, language courses or a yoga class. Try a book club or volunteer if you’re looking for a low-cost option. Or if you enjoy being outdoors, try a running club like Parkrun or a local community gardening project. Incredible Edible project is an excellent place to start.

How can Friendzr help?

Friendzr helps you connect with people near you, and thanks to the clever interest-matching function, you can also easily find those who appreciate the same things you do – or those who know something about the hobby you want to try. To start a conversation, ask about their experiences with a particular style of yoga or ask for a recommendation for an exhibition. Most people are helpful and keen to talk about things they know.

To make things even easier, you can find fun things to do and try right there in the Friendzr app. Just switch to the Events tab, and you’ll see what’s on near you. You can even book your tickets in the app and share the event with your connections. Give it a go, and see what’s on near you with Friendzrapp. Have fun!