Community guidelines

Friendzr community guidelines. We’re on a mission to bring real-life connection back to our communities, safely and securely.

Be real

Friendzr is an authentic community for those seeking to connect with new friends through real-life experiences. Be genuine in your approaches, and actively participate in events and in-person meet-ups.

Be social - no sales

While we welcome networking, Friendzrs have not signed up for your business or sales pitches.

Be kind, respectful and considerate

People are more likely to want to connect with you!
Always adhere to any event guidelines. If you need to change plans or are going to be late, let your Friendzrs know. If you want to bring a friend along, ask the host first to avoid surprises.

Be careful

Use the settings we provide and follow our recommendations to ensure your personal space and safety.

Be appropriate

For safety reasons and to protect yourself too, be sure you aren’t meeting with under 18s without their parental consent

No definitely means no

Respect others’ privacy and personal space as they request.

Friendzr will not tolerate any form of bullying, profanity or intimidation. Use the block function and notify us immediately of any incidents which arise within the Friendzr community.

Your profile

This is how you present yourself to our Friendzr community, so make sure your profile represents your true self. We are all about real-life connection and expect Friendzrs to use real pictures. Fake profiles, abusive or inappropriate content and behaviour will result in your profile being suspended and deactivated. To create the best possible experience for our community, we verify each profile picture during onboarding and continue to monitor and respond to blocks, complaints and feedback raised about individual Friendzrs.

Creating events

Friendzr connects people through real-life events and experiences. In the app, you can explore events created by other Friendzrs and request to join any of them, or create your own experience and invite others to join you – open to the community or within your own social circle! You will also find interesting events, workshops and volunteering opportunities curated for you from beyond the Friendzr community.

An event can be anything that you enjoy already or want to try and want people to join you in! It can be a group experience or a one-to-one.

When creating an event, please use relevant imagery and provide full, accurate information in the description: date, location, any related expenses, how to book tickets, materials needed or any special instructions. For help with setting up an event in the app see our handy step-by-step guide. Please be mindful and respectful: inappropriate, abusive content or language will be banned from the app and your account deactivated.

When creating an event, for the whole community or privately, we also expect that you are genuinely interested in connecting with people requesting to join your activity and share our mission to inspire happier communities through greater social connection.

Change of plans

As a host, we expect you to do your best to make your event happen and bring a positive impact to the Friendzr community. We understand that sometimes plans may change. In this case, we recommend you get in touch with those planning to attend as soon as you can and re-arrange things together.

As a guest, please notify the host if you are running late or won’t be able to join the event, and see whether there’s another time to connect in the near future.

Connecting safely

We take your security seriously and verify Friendzrs at sign-up using the latest facial recognition technology. We recommend however that you fully verify that the people you connect with are genuine before agreeing to meet for the first time. We always advise meeting in safe, public spaces – especially for the first time – and that you only use your private home as an event location with close friends who you know well and trust.

Connecting through chat

Once a request to connect is accepted or you sign up to attend an event, the app will automatically create a chat between selected participants. This is a private space to chat, get to know each other a bit better, ask questions about an event or finalise event details.

Friendzr does not have access to private chats but these are also subject to community guidelines and we expect all Friendzrs to be respectful and only use appropriate language and content. We encourage all Friendzrs to report any inappropriate behaviour or language to us immediately for review and action.