Friendzr is a new way to make friends, filled with lots of new features. We’ve captured some of the most frequently asked questions here, in one handy list.  We’ll keep adding to the list as time goes on – and you can also send us any questions or feedback you may have.

Friendzr is an app designed to connect you in real-life with new people and friends within your local area. We use the latest technology to help you safely navigate the space around you, locating interesting events and workshops to attend and like-minded people to meet up with.

From ‘personal space’ and ‘private mode’ settings to facial verification and ‘block profile’ functionality, we have applied the latest security features to our app so that both you and your new friends and connections can feel safe. We only ask for limited personal information when you sign up and never share data with any third parties.

Download free on App Store or Google Play

Friendzr is free to download and use,  and it always will be. A premium version offering access to further features and benefits may launch in the near future.

Once you have downloaded the app and registered, there are a few ways to connect. Your Feed will list all online Friendzrs (based on age, gender and distance settings). Your Feed displays Friendzrs by proximity; switch on the interest toggle to see how your interests match. Within Feed, you can also locate Friendzrs by toggling on the Directional Filter in the top right corner.

Finally, head to My Hub to discover our suggestions for Friendzrs you might want to connect with. You can also browse recommended events near you and track connection requests you sent and received.

Toggle on the directional filter in the top right corner of the Feed, then tap on the compass to only see Friendzrs currently in the direction your phone is pointing.

Striking up conversation can feel daunting, especially with new connections. You can find plenty of advice within our blog – also accessible from within the app.