We believe friendships and connections are best formed in the real world, not virtually. Friendzr starts an ‘in real-life’ journey – that’s why we only need limited information to connect you with new friends and events in your local area.

Registering on Friendzr is quick and easy: connect using your email, Facebook, Google or Apple account. Your safety and the authenticity of our Friendzr community are important to us, and we use the latest AI technology to verify uploaded profile pictures through facial recognition.

Friendzr is an inclusive community, open to all. Every Friendzr will be seeking to connect with like-minded friends, so you can narrow your search by setting your own parameters:

  • distance within a 300Km range (Friendzrs will always be listed in your feed by proximity)
  • closest interest match
  • age range
  • visibility to other genders
  • your own interests, profile descriptions and preferred ways to connect

Sometimes you don’t want to be seen. We get it.

Friendzr’s ‘personal space’ mode allows you to set a safe zone so other Friendzrs can only see your location within a 400 metre diameter (randomly plotted each time).

With ‘private mode’ you can hide your profile from everyone, or from a particular gender. If you choose to mark yourself private, you can continue to use the app as normal but will no longer be able to see those profiles you have hidden from – fair’s only fair after all!

Profiles only display your name, photo, age and gender – never any contact details.

We want everyone to enjoy the best of experiences with Friendzr, and take our community guidelines seriously. Friendzrs can instantly block (and unblock) or report any profile which gives them cause for concern.

Find nearby Friendzrs! Toggle on the directional filter, discretely pointing your phone in any direction to find Friendzrs online within close proximity. Your feed will also list local Friendzrs’ names and photos – those nearest to you will always be at the top.

Our Events map is using the latest technology and will help you locate nearby events and popular spaces around you easily. Toggle on the event filter helps you narrow the events by category and date. You can select an area or event pin from the map and then navigate or click to get more information about a particular event, venue or partner.

Send connection requests and chat with individuals or event groups to make IRL plans.

Events are a great way to meet new friends and make like-minded connections. Friendzr makes it easy to find local happenings in your area or set up your events for others to join. Explore the Events tab to see everything that’s on near you, or filter the events by category or date.

You can choose to create your event for the Friendzr community – or use Friendzr to coordinate private meetups with your own network. Events can be based on mutual interests, sports matches, parties, or simply an excuse to hang out.

It can be daunting to make that first step in approaching new friends, and challenging to keep friendships going – especially in adult life. Friendzr’s experts have filled the app with tips and ideas to help you build lasting friendships.