Four tops tips for making friends with Friendzr

Four tops tips for making friends with Friendzr

You finally did it. For whatever reason, you decided you wanted to meet new people or find more friends. Perhaps you’ve recently moved or are going through a significant life change. If you already downloaded Friendzr, congratulations! You’re well on the way to new friendships. (if you haven’t, you can download the app here). So at this point, you might be wondering, what next? Making connections online is not dissimilar to meeting people in real life, and some things work better than others.

First impressions count

Your profile picture is the first thing you see in their Feed. Make yours stand out; a close-up photo of your face (don’t forget to smile!) will work best. We’re working on the option to add more pictures to your profile. Keep an eye on updates if this sounds like something you might want to use. 

Adjust your settings

Ok, this one sounds boring, but it is super important. Friendzr is available UK-wide, and anyone over 16 can use it. So if you are looking for a local gym buddy, it makes sense to change the settings to show you who you’re looking for. You can adjust your settings to filter Friendzrs by age, distance and gender. But remember, if they can’t see you, you can’t see them – it’s only fair!. For those days when you’re not feeling social at all, you can choose the ‘hide from all’ option. Your location (though not your identity) will be plotted on the map where you can see where all the Friendzrs are. Not your jam? You can randomly offset your location by 400m with the Personal Space setting. 

You’re ready; let’s connect!

Friendzr was developed to help people connect in real life, but making that first step can sometimes feel daunting. If this is you, just remember, everyone else is on the app for the same reason – to meet new people! To make things easier for you, we organised your Friendzr Feed geographically, i.e. in the order of their distance from you. If you toggle on the interest switch at the top left, you’ll see the Feed organised by interest match – with the highest percentage match at the top. Choose what’s more important for you, or have a play and switch between the two! If someone seems like a good match, you can send them a connection request straight from the Feed. Or you can learn a bit more about them by opening their profile; here, you can find their preferred way to meet, which may be helpful.

Once your connection request is accepted, you’ll be able to message directly and find all your messages in the Inbox. Rather than going with the generic ‘hey, how are you’, we recommend personalising your message to the person you’re contacting. You could comment on some of the interests you share, or you both prefer to meet the same way (hey there, fellow dog walker!) Whatever it is, keep your message personal and genuine. For more tips on all things conversation, social connection and friendship check out our blog and Instagram. And don’t feel disheartened if you don’t hear back straight away; sometimes, life gets in the way. 

Stay active

Friendzr is a new app, with more users joining every day. Check back regularly if you don’t find what you’re looking for today—just like in real life, connecting online takes time and effort.