10 topics to guide your conversations

10 topics to guide your conversations

When you first meet someone you likely know nothing about them. Common topics can help you to comfortably strike up conversation with new people.

Here are our top ten topics guaranteed to provide common ground:

The location around you
Look around for something worth commenting on – the décor, architecture, artwork, or music. Similarly, a compliment about what the other person is wearing, followed by a question about the designer, brand or shop where they found it can also work.


Local sights or favourite spots
See your neighbourhood through their eyes – ask where they like to hang out in the local area – parks, walks, bars, cafés, restaurants, shopping areas – and share one your favourite spots and ask if they’ve visited yet.


Their hobbies and interests
Find out how they like to spend their free time: do they have any special interests or hobbies? How long have they been practising, learning, studying their chosen activity? What do they enjoy about it? What else have they always wanted to try?


Their job and career
Do they work to live, or live to work? Find out what makes them tick and the journey they have taken to do what they do for a living now. Why did they choose that job or industry? What do they love about it? What skills and training did they need?


Recent films, musicals, plays, ballets…
Share your experiences of a recent production, ask about all-time favourites, or ‘worst ever’. Find out whether you have similar tastes in the Arts – or completely opposing.


Exhibitions or favourite paintings
Ask whether they have a favourite local museum, gallery or have visited any recent exhibitions. Share your interest in Art and any favourite – or memorable – works of art you’ve seen over the years.


Food, restaurants, or cooking
Food truly brings people together. Share your passions and discover what tickles their taste buds. Are they passionate cooks, or do they simply cook to eat? What’s their favourite meal, and if money’s no object, where would they most like to dine?


Sports they practice or follow
Are you talking to a fitness fanatic or accomplished sportsperson? Or are they a sports fan more of the armchair variety? From discovering whether they support a local team to finding out how many years they’ve been playing in a team, sports can be a broad, often topical conversation starter.


The weather, climate and environment
While it may be seen as typically British to open a conversation with the topic of weather, its unpredictable nature these days can make for an interesting topic. Heatwaves in April, hail stones in June, what are their thoughts on climate change? What actions, if any, do they take to protect our planet’s future?


Recent places visited or dream travel locations
Take them back to their favourite holidays, travels and adventures, asking all about what made the visit so memorable. Share your dream voyage or future plans, and learn more about places and wish lists you may have in common.


Give them a go – and let us know which ones work best for you!

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