Friendzr aims to help you connect with new friends and connections in the real world not only online. We enable this with our hybrid app meaning you will locate new friends and connections in the app and quickly meet-up. As you will meet likeminded Friendzr’s the interaction will be easy.

We are applying the latest safety features to our app so that both you and your new friends and connections can feel safe. First of all, we don’t ask for much personal information as e.g., dating apps do and we don’t share this limited information with any third parties for commercial reasons. We also make sure that profile photos are verified as actually representing the individual on the profile.

Just head over to the Apple Store or Play Store [we need to add links] and download our app. It’s very easy to register once the app is on your phone.

Friendzr is free to use and it always will be. We are considering offering access to further features and benefits for a monthly subscription.

Once you have downloaded the app and registered you can go straight to the map and see where other Friendzrs congregrate near you. You can see approx. how many Friendzrs congregate in a certain location or which events that have been put on.
First, you’ll look at the map and see where Friendzrs congregate near you or which events have been put on. Once at the location you have chosen then the Friendzr list will display Friendzers closest to you by name and with a photo. You can then use directional filtering to list only Friendzers in front of you. See the question on directional filtering or go to the features page. Event better download the app and experience it for yourself.
To engage with someone specific from the Friendzr list you can either message them or toggle on the directional filter. Discreetly point your phone in any direction. Only Friendzrs in front of you will come up in the list. Then it’s easy just to send a message or engage directly with them.
Pls. download the app and after registration, we are sharing some tips for your first interaction and conversation and how to maintain a good relation.