5 ways to end a conversation

5 ways to end a conversation

When we feel nervous about meeting new people, it can be helpful to have a planned strategy to exit the conversation when we feel it is stalling or has run its course. Here are some handy lines to make for a non-awkward exit:

“So good chatting – thanks for telling me about [headline topic].”

“Please excuse me, I need to use the bathroom. Enjoy the rest of the [evening, event, party…].”

“I can’t wait to hear how [initiative, project, personal situation] goes! Let’s catch up next time.”

“I’m going to go grab [some food, a drink]. Great to [meet you, catch up].”

“I see my [friend, colleague client] over there and should probably pop over to say hello. Maybe catch up again later?”

“So glad we got the chance to connect. I don’t want to dominate your [morning, afternoon, night] — I’m going to [get a drink, check out the canapés, say hello to someone, continue exploring the venue, etc.]”

Give them a whirl! And let us know of any other great exit lines you rely upon…

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