Our founders

A founding friendship

A chance meeting between Shady and Ian turned what was little more than an idea into a shared vision: to help people find their way to friendship.


For young Shady, it started with questions: How many friendships are missed out on due to social anxiety? How many best friends fail to enter our lives because we lack the confidence to reach out or make the first move?

Three years ago, at university, Shady felt an app might solve the problem. After teaching himself coding and developing a prototype with very limited functionality, he decided to look for support to take the idea forward.

During his career Ian has travelled extensively and experienced first-hand the disruption living in multiple locations can bring to friendships, as well as the difficulties of finding and making friends in new locations.

This experience, coupled with a mental health illness back in 2010, have led Ian to deeply understand the true value of good friendships and not isolating yourself – after all, it’s the people around you that help you deal with what life brings your way.