We take the safety and security of all Friendzr users seriously. Here’s more information on what we do to help keep you safe while using the app.

Personal space and private modes

You might not always want to be visible to other Friendzrs. Perhaps you’re away on a trip, or have only recently moved to an area. Friendzr app allows you full control of what others see:

Personal space displays your location at a randomised point within a 400 metre diameter around your actual location

Private mode allows you to temporarily hide your profile from chosen genders or everyone. Once you hide your presence you can still use Friendzr as normal but won’t be able to see profiles within the categories you have selected to ‘hide’ from (fair’s only fair!).

Profile verification

We are all about real people meeting in real life. The safety and the authenticity of our Friendzr community is important to us, and we use the latest AI technology to verify each user through facial recognition. Like many banking apps, you will be asked to upload a photo and verify that it is genuinely you by taking a selfie.

Minimal data

Friendzr starts an ‘in real-life’ journey – we only need limited information to connect you with new friends and events in your local area.

Profiles only display your name, photo, age, gender and interests – never any contact details. While our map allows you to see where Friendzrs are hanging in the area, we do not label pins or release any information about where they live or work. Every Friendzr can use our ‘personal space’ mode to gain extra privacy, randomly offsetting their location within a 400 metre radius.

Block and report

We want everyone to enjoy the best of experiences and take our community guidelines seriously. Friendzrs can instantly block (and unblock) or report any profile which gives them cause for concern.

We respect your privacy

Minimal data is stored and we take your privacy seriously. We only share with third parties where permission has been expressly sought – head to our privacy policy for full details.

Secure servers

Friendzr runs on a London-based secure private virtual server.